Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cool Business Cards

I got a call from an old friend (and client) about doing a refresh on his business cards. My friend is the kind of client that Designers love; open-minded about ideas, creativity and can see the big picture when it comes to laying out money to attain those goals.

So when I created his business cards back in 2006, they were stretching the boundaries as far as using newer materials and techniques.

What we created were cards that make an impact, are memorable and durable. They are durable physically but in another way as well. The cards have a perceived value to them, so they are much more likely to be kept and not thrown away. And isn't that the point of having a business card?

The cards are made if 3mil plastic, transparent but with a three color design on them (red, black and white inks). Brian swears by these, he says that his cards always make a positive impression and his contacts usually make a comment about them.

We are just now beginning the process if refreshing this with a newer design but boy did the old design make a great impact.

Here is what they look like up close:

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