Friday, September 26, 2008

Test Your Color IQ

Take this test and let me know your score. What a great way to test if you are color blind or have a deficiency. My score was "6".

Test Your Color IQ

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Update: Tootsie Pop Art

I have been working on a few pieces lately, both of them are a departure from what I have been doing before. The first piece is of Ellen Degeneres, who I think is one of the funniest comedians. The icons I have been painting have all been dead or political (Dubya), so this is definitely a departure.

Here it is:

The second piece is a departure because of the subject isn't a personality, but is still an icon. I had fun with this because its a parody of the old popcorn art that has been used on bags and cardboard containers at movie theatres for a long time.

This one is also different because I started using Starburst wrappers as well as tootsie pop wrappers on this one. They are just as easy to work with and offer many more colors that I can use. I plan on incorporating the starburst wrappers into more of my pieces in the future, but I will use tootsie pop wrappers when I can.

Here is that piece:

I think its kind of neat that the word Starburst, when broken up, encapsulates the spirit of this art, "star", like a celebrity or icon and "burst" as in to pop.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

60's Style Poster

I was digging through some of my old files and came across this piece I did when I worked for a Puzzle and game company named Binary Arts, now ThinkFun. The owners last names were Ritchie and Barthello and other key people in the company were a guy named Bill Hanlon of Dimestore Dreams fame and another fellow named Steve Wagner, who is probably the most creative person I have ever worked around.

The poster is done in a 60's style music poster that was inspired by Rick Griffin's posters that were done for the Fillmore West in the late 60's.

Friday, March 21, 2008

New Bags (Biodegradable)

We had the chance to get some new plastic bags for the library recently, and so I decided to do it more eco-friendly by getting biodegradable bags, which break down much quicker instead of traditional plastic that takes decades to break down.

Of course, I wanted to call some attention to this, so I put a small burst that alerts customers top this feature.

The greatest thing is that, after much price-searching, I was able to get these bags at nearly the same cost as the non-eco-friendly bags we have used in previous years.

Wi-Fi Available Here

The library just finished this massive project to get "wi-Fi" in all of our branches (22 branches) so people can surf the web via laptop when they are in any of the branches. This was a huge undertaking and is a great step forward technologically speaking.

Who would have thought ten years ago that the library would offer free internet, on demand, without cables.

Of course, we needed a sticker to help alert people of this new service, so I have designed a symbol that is easily recognizable. The sticker will be double-sided so it can be viewed from inside the window and outside and will be placed inside the glass so that people can't scratch it off as easily.

All Fairfax Reads Stickers

This is the All Fairfax Reads sticker that I made recently. These stickers will go on most of the copies of the book that was chosen (The Uncommon Reader).

I think we have ordered about 2,000 of these which will last about 3 years.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Restored Posters

I finished restoring two old posters that I had. One was an old Led Zeppelin Tour poster (Tour Over Europe, 1980) that is about 27 years old. I scanned these in, cleaned them up in PhotoShop and sent them out to get a print made and then framed it. I am working on another Led Zeppelin Tour poster that was made for the Knebworth Festival in 1978.

The second poster is an old movie poster for a movie named "Devil's Harvest". No, I don't smoke pot. I liked the poster because it is a great example of propaganda.