Sunday, August 17, 2008

Update: Tootsie Pop Art

I have been working on a few pieces lately, both of them are a departure from what I have been doing before. The first piece is of Ellen Degeneres, who I think is one of the funniest comedians. The icons I have been painting have all been dead or political (Dubya), so this is definitely a departure.

Here it is:

The second piece is a departure because of the subject isn't a personality, but is still an icon. I had fun with this because its a parody of the old popcorn art that has been used on bags and cardboard containers at movie theatres for a long time.

This one is also different because I started using Starburst wrappers as well as tootsie pop wrappers on this one. They are just as easy to work with and offer many more colors that I can use. I plan on incorporating the starburst wrappers into more of my pieces in the future, but I will use tootsie pop wrappers when I can.

Here is that piece:

I think its kind of neat that the word Starburst, when broken up, encapsulates the spirit of this art, "star", like a celebrity or icon and "burst" as in to pop.

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