Saturday, September 15, 2007

Let It Bleed

From time to time, I will also include blog posts about my full time gig, working for the Library as a Graphic Artist.

Recently I decided to make a minor change in the department's premier publication, named "This Month", we call it the Calender, because it lists all of the programs that the library system offers throughout its 21 branches.

The change I decided to make was to change it to "full bleed". Full bleed is a term used by printers and designers to convey that the image will bleed all the way over the edge of a page. (See samples below)

As you can see, the images actually bleed off of the page without that annoying white frame that makes other publications look like they were printed on a desktop printer. It also allowed me to use the entire page, so I had wider columns and could let the header a footer design elements anchor each page.

The header and footer design elements were repeated throughout the entire publication, making it seem much more of a cohesive publication, even when you open the page, it isn't broken up, the images flow all the way across the page.

The best thing about this minor change was the price, after all was said and done, it was only $50 more per issue. We print about 18,000 copies of this each month, so that equals about 3/10 of a cent for each copy of added cost, but the end results look much more expensive.

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